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Silvia + Jorge

That a wedding is made special by the couple, of all it is known. But that a wedding is engraved to us by fire by the relation of these with its guests … this, friends, yes that is great.

And is that, if you are going to realize something you see this wedding photos in the Monasterio del Espino is that Silvia and Jorge, had a great connection with each of the people who were present that day. Their gestures and hugs with all of them were those that make you shudder just to imagine that they gave it to you. And that’s how you realize that this couple is one of those who kiss and really embrace, very strong and sincere. You want to continue in your arms for one more minute because every second that passes comforts you.

You will think, of all that they realize the day of the wedding? Of course! I always say that wedding photographers have something of intrinsic psychology that makes us glimpse all that in a day when emotions emerge and we have to be there anticipating everything that happens around us. For me, being a photographer is that, it is having that “plus”. It is knowing how to see further so that, without knowing these people in depth, you can decipher the relationship that binds them to each guest.

Monasterio del Espino wedding

On their wedding day, we knew they had a 10-month-old daughter who had been at the Bon Iver concert in the Euskalduna (yes, Bon Iver was once again present in our life …) and little else! But with that and what we began to see as soon as we arrived at his wedding at the Monasterio del Espino, it was enough to know that we were before a wedding that we would always remember, and well, remember!

It was so much love that we live that still today I keep filling my eyes with water when I watch your wedding video (yes, call me, but every now and then I put the videos that I made because I like to remind couples with the that we have shared such a happy day) I do not tell you more that our daughter has also seen this video several times and she loves it! “What’s the girl’s name, mom?” She always asks me.

Anyway, I’m going through the branches, I was going to tell you that water can not ruin a wedding in Burgos in June. That of marrying outdoors has its risks and more if it is in the north of the country but knowing how to take it so well is to admire and is that, I always say, against time you can not do anything so only one thing remains: enjoy! Rain, snow or fall pikes point. Finally, they were able to celebrate the cocktail and religious ceremony outdoors and the rest of the wedding was inside the monastery.

Hannibal Laguna wedding dresses

You’re going to see, but I’m sure you think the same as me, Silvia had her wedding dress from Hannibal Laguna and the natural flower crown made by the girls in Flowers and co (responsible for the floral decoration of all the wedding) put the finishing touch to an ideal bridal look.

And now, to finish off this beautiful love story, months after your wedding, we are informed that a few days before the wedding they learned that they were waiting for their second daughter. So now we explain why there was so much magic that June 18.

To this day, we continue to maintain contact with this wonderful family and we can not be more grateful because they chose us as their photographers and for everything they have cared for us. Thank you infinite, couple, we carry you in the heart.

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