We wanto to share out

If you are a wedding photographer and want to continue growing in the profession.

If you are training and need the guidance of someone who knows the trade from within.

If you want to specialize in the wedding industry …

… Yes, simply, you want to learn to sell your work as it deserves.

We want to help you


Sharing with you what we have learned in these years as wedding photographers. From you to you, without filters.

We are going to share with you all those things that you only learn with your feet in the mud.

The technical processes, the tips for the photographic work, the editing of the material … and also all the keys that do not appear in the manuals or are learned in school, not even in many specialized courses.

How do I create my personal brand? How do I find my client? What do I have to do to make myself visible on the internet? How do I plan my work with couples? …

All that is only discovered with practice. What works and what doesn’t, the opportunities and resources at your fingertips.

We are going to tell you everything, because we are passionate about our trade, and every time we share it we remember why we created People …


How does our
One to One works?

As easy as meeting your People mentor in one session, on the day and time of your choice.

  • We teach in the old fashioned way, in a face-to-face session in our Miranda de Ebro’s office (Spain) 

  • … Or we do it online —Skype— whenever you want and from wherever you want.
  • We will focus on the topics that interest you most (editing, business strategy …), depending on the time available.
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What do you want to learn?

you can choose

The technical know-how behind every People photograph editing.

  • How we develop our color preset.
  • How we develop our black & white preset.
  • How we work the presets with the different types of lights that we find in weddings indoors (window light, halogen light, dim church or restaurant lights …) and outdoors (shade, daylight, backlight, blue hour …)
  • Live edition of one of your RAW and another of ours.
  • Software: Lightroom & Alien Skin Exposure
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Because it is not only important to be a good photographer, make your clients know it too.

  • Analysis and prior review of the brand image you currently have.
  • How to define your visual and brand style.
  • How to establish your price catalog.
  • How to find your ideal client and reach him.
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The best cover letter is your job. We help you show it in the best way.

  • Analysis and criticism of your website portfolio.
  • Analysis and criticism of two posts on your website.
  • Analysis and criticism of a complete wedding delivered to the client.
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If they don’t see you, you don’t exist. We teach you how to gain visits, visibility and presence on networks.

  • How to organize your time to schedule publications on networks. We explain how to incorporate network programming into your workflow.
  • Management of the necessary software for network publications.
  • The best hours to post.
  • SEO tips for the web and posts.
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Our entire process, from the moment we received an email requesting a wedding until we finished delivering all the work.

  • Communication with the couple before the wedding.
  • Catalog of prices.
  • Contract
  • Management of payments with clients and suppliers.
  • Backup of files.
  • RAW selection for editing.
  • Lightroom workflow.
  • File compression without loss of quality.
  • Making basic slideshow.
  • Album design.
  • Programming of publications on social networks.
  • Management of communication with the couple after the wedding.
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What wedding photogrpahers
say about our education

Shall we start?

Choose the option that best suits your needs

One to One Express


197 €

VAT included

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One to One
4 hours


597 €


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One to One
Full Day

8 to 10 hours of personalized mentoring, in our office or online

1497 €


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