We are looking for couples with a lot to tell


We are looking for couples in love

To those couples who carry a love story inside them, before and after the wedding, and beyond the protocols.

Spontaneous couples, who exude joy, and also shy couples, who tell everything with a glance.

We want those glances, and those laughs, and all that is seen and what seems not to be seen but in the end it is, in the end it shows.

We want all that magic. Collect it in images that carry a lifetime inside. The life that brought you together and the life you have ahead of you….

If you are getting married, we know you have many doubts.

We can solve some of them for you

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What will be your job?

Our job will be to capture the best of your wedding day. The preparations, with that special expectation that goes beyond the camera; the celebration, with emotions running high; the party, the family, the guests?

We want you to be able to fully focus on enjoying the day. We will blend in with the environment to capture the best light, the best compositions and, above all, the best moments.

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What if we don't like to pose?

It doesn’t matter. We don’t like to photograph mannequins either. We prefer people of flesh and blood and sneak into your wedding as discreet chroniclers, to capture the moments that you are giving everyone, bride and groom and guests, without you barely noticing our presence.

No stale posing. Without artifice. Naturally.

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What can I expect from your photographs?

We don’t do the typical wedding reportage. We bet for the natural, for simplicity, for those images in which emotions shine clearly.

And, above all, we are committed to adapting our style to yours. To your tastes, to your personality, to the bride’s style, to the place of the celebration?

That’s why we want to get to know you. To know what you like, what inspires you, what unites you… If you live far away, no problem: we can manage very well online.


What couples who have already met us tell us


We convert your wedding
in a movie story

Slideshow stories are our weakness, and one of the hallmarks of People.

Want to know how we turn your wedding photographs into a Hollywood-worthy narrative?

And, above all, we created an exciting story, at the height of its protagonists: you.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Tell us your wedding plans and we will make room in our agenda for the best story of your life.

Don't stay with the doubt...

If you want more than just pretty pictures and you are looking for someone who really expresses what makes you unique

If you want to know if we can travel to your wedding location

If you simply want to get to know us and find out if we connect…