Workshops for wedding photographers

Teaching for wedding photographers is something that we have always taken very seriously. It is something that excites us, motivates us and makes us stay awake. Sharing everything we know keeps us on the alert so we do not fall behind and always outdo ourselves.

We have grown as photographers and entrepreneurs through the number of workshops for wedding photographers we have attended. So for us it is a very serious responsibility to transmit to others everything we know, what has worked for us and what has not.

The last edition of BodaF 2017 we had the opportunity to impart a MasterClass before 25 wedding photographers. Some are starting, others are only a few years old, others are long. To all of them, we thank you and congratulate you for your responsibility to form.

The workshop, which lasted almost 6 hours, we divided it into a «theoretical» part where we explained absolutely all our process when it comes to shooting, selecting and small marketing tricks; Another part was «field work» with the shot of a couple session; And finally, the editing of these photos.

Here we want to share a small sample of these photos that we made and others, which were made by us attendees to the course.

Foto Elena Sangermán

Foto Karolina Smieja

Foto Elena Sangermán


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