Lidia + Álvaro

If there is a perfect time to take pictures, that is certainly autumn. The light, the colors, the climate … everything accompanies to look more. And if with these conditions we add an incredible place to celebrate your wedding like Monasterio del Espino … And if in addition, the couple decides to have an outdoor wedding, a musical party surrounded by all their people … the photos come out alone

Lidia chose the Chilean dress designer Manu García Costura for her dress and, in addition to that we loved that she brought her dress from Chile, we believe that she was right with him.

And so was the open-air wedding celebrated by Lidia and Alvaro during the early fall. The couple lives in Chile and wanted to bring a little of that culture to their wedding. At night they installed some food tracks for weddings where Chilean food was prepared. Finally, the music continued for several hours and closed their day by throwing Chinese balloons for weddings.

This wedding surrounded by trees with the autumnal colors was one of the last ones that we made in the season of 2015 and surely and many of his photos we were teaching them in our instagram of weddings.

Here we show you a brief summary of what your wedding was at the Monasterio del Espino. And if you want more, at the end of the post we show you a video with more images of your wedding.

Daniel + Gloria

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