Wedding albums

I remember once watching the news in the newspaper. An earthquake had knocked down hundreds of homes, causing a large number of human losses. I remember the image that illustrated that report. It was that of a middle-aged man holding a framed photo of a loved one. I don’t know if I had lost it or not. What I do remember is that he said he had returned to his house, which was now a mountain of rubble, to retrieve as many photos as he could.

It made me giddy to think that I didn’t have enough photos printed on mine. That I had not given photos to my parents, sister and friends of moments we have spent together.

Now we print as much as we can. We hang it on the wall, in a frame or inside a box.

There’s nothing like a printed photo. That moment when I open the box and find a messy pile of prints. It is an intimate moment between me and those memories. I didn’t get that same feeling looking at the photos on a screen.

And we defend to the hilt the copies on hard disks, the backups that we make in different cloud services to ensure that they last as many years as possible.

But a printed photo, an album. It is a diamond. And you know what they say about diamonds.

What does a People wedding album look like?

The albums we design for People, for our couples, must be an extension of our work, of our philosophy.
The most important thing is the photos.

We want simple, elegant designs, taking care of symmetry, narrative, continuity of colors and tones per page.

We were inspired by the big photo books we have at home: large photos, white spaces. Let the photos speak for themselves.

You know, less is more.

How is the process of making an album?

We propose two options:

  1. We choose the photos: This is the option we do the most. And it is the fastest. We have an educated eye to know which photos we need to tell the story of the wedding day, what kind of images we need to make the album balanced. With this selection, we designed an album like the ones you have seen in the video above and in the photos. We will send it to you for your review and approval. At this point you can make changes. Maybe add a photo of a special guest, or discard another… We will always give you our opinion, we want it to be a team effort, after all, it is something that will be printed forever.

    You choose the photos: This option is also possible. We send you a gallery where you have all the photos and you can select the ones you like the most. When you have finished choosing them, we receive them, make the design and send the album back to you for your approval before sending it to the lab, and experience tells us that this option usually takes a long time. Keep in mind that you will have to get together to look at 800 photos (and when you get back to your daily routine, it’s hard to find the time), many times you can’t agree on the images and it ends up being something that you want to finish at once.

    We want the whole process to be pleasant and comfortable for you and we don’t want your wedding album to end with that feeling.

Whatever your choice is, our main concern is that you are happy with the process and the result and we will adapt and advise you constantly so that everything turns out better than you expected.