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The session that we show you here is part of one of the Truelove Tellers One to One for wedding photographers that we have been teaching in the last few weeks. Training other colleagues is something that motivates and excites us. Sharing all our knowledge of photography, marketing, dealing with couples… is stimulating! For us it is a challenge to keep growing and, at the same time, we are proud to see how all these “students” are growing and strengthening their businesses and photography thanks to your advice.

Before each one to one, we do a small “audit” of the photographer in order to analyze his work, his website, portfolio… we study his strengths and weaknesses in order to design a specific training to his needs.

This season we will do more one to one workshops for photographers in our office and in other places in Spain (Madrid, Murcia, Alicante…) So if you are interested, write us and tell us what you want to improve!

Undoubtedly, the moment we enjoy the most is the shooting session. We always do it with a real couple and in locations that are not particularly interesting for photos… We want to squeeze creativity and put ourselves in everyday situations to know how to solve these situations in the best possible way. On this occasion, with Ainhoa and Asier in front of the camera for the first time after 14 years together. Asier is a great wedding photographer in Vitoria and we recommend you to take a look at his work because it is fresh and always gives us a good vibe to see his posts.

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