My parents are school teachers. Both. They no longer go to the center because they are retired. But a master is a master until the last of his days. This is something the Japanese know a lot about and their concept of ikigai.

Our house was always full of books. Mostly children’s books. My father was in charge of the library and always brought home the new items. The most ingenious books, the ones with the most extraordinary stories.

My father even created his own stories at night to put us to sleep. He made them so interesting and visual that our mother would end up coming into the room asking excited children to be quiet.

My mother was the one who gave me the passion for cinema. It was instilled in her by her father. This has been going on for a long time. He always listened to me talk enthusiastically about the movies I had seen and the ones I wanted to see.

My first job, when I was 16 years old, was in a movie theater in my city. Where I watched the same movie a thousand times a week. Until I knew the shots, the phrases and the audience’s reactions by heart.

So stories are something I’ve grown up with since I was little as part of my day to day life. Making the ordinary, something extraordinary.

For me, it all starts with “I’m going to tell you something”. That’s the beginning of a story.

And these are the stories we like to tell at weddings.