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Slideshows and narrative

Learn to tell movie stories with your wedding photography


As wedding photographers, we
have a very special privilege and responsibility

Beyond collecting beautiful images and happy moments, we can tell stories. Human stories, with real people. Stories of people in love. Encounter and illusion stories. Stories of couples, parents, families, friends …

Stories full of emotion, in short, like those that make us cry and laugh in the theater.

The slides will allow you to do that and much more. With this course, we will teach you how to take advantage of the narrative potential of your photographic reports, creating pieces that highlight the emotional and human value of its protagonists, your clients.

In 10 complete lessons, we will teach you the entire process of working with couples that is the brand of People Producciones.

From the previous interviews to the photographic work and, of course, the narrative editing of the slideshows, combining photo, lettering, audio, music and voice-overs.

But… what is the slideshow?

A technique to take storytelling to the next level: create videos from your photos and add that something else that will surprise your clients.

A way of creating narrative units that really tell a story, expanding the expressive possibilities of each image.

A differential value for your offer, an ace up your sleeve to exceed the expectations of your partners and a marketing resource to promote your work.


See what the slideshow can do for your wedding photographs


Would you like to do something like this, with your own style and your own photographs?

Find out if this course
is for you

  • If you are a professional photographer or student and want to learn new techniques to offer something more to your clients …
  • If you are passionate about the world of wedding and you are interested in exploring the possibilities of storytelling…
  • If you love audiovisual communication and want to know a narration technique from photography …

… estamos convencidos de que este curso te va a resultar muy útil para enriquecer tus habilidades profesionales.

a) eager to start telling stories;
b) video and image editing software. In our course we use Adobe Lightroom + Adobe Premiere, but you can apply what you learn to any other program.

The course includes ...

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those who have taken the Slideshow and Narrative course

Learn to tell
exciting stories

WITH THE COURSE OF Slideshows and Narrative

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