Mouthfuls of happiness (July 2019)

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Our dear and admired Javier Aznar has released this podcast. Whatever “The Guardian” does, we buy it. And even more so when he gives us a pass in his“Hotel Jorge Juan” to listen to him talk to writers, chefs, musicians, comedians, businessmen, architects…

Here is the first episode.

Documentary: "The Great Hacking".

Netflix has released this July this documentary piece that confirms, no longer how flexible some companies and administrations are with the definition of “having scruples” but confirms what a friend of mine said a few years ago: “humans are easily hackable”.


Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David created in 1989 the series that bore Jerry’s last name. A series that was about nothing but changed everything.

I confess to be an absolute admirer of the way these two geniuses approach the stories, how they structure them and how they always manage to surprise me and make me laugh both with the twists and turns I see coming and with what I don’t see coming.

The trinity of the cycle I am (re)enjoying this summer consists of:

“Seinfeld” (Amazon Prime)
“Comedians in cars getting coffee” (Netflix).
“Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO) My favorite 🙂


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The work of jean pierson

Few works have transported me to summer like all of Jean Pierson’s work. I link it to how well Luca Guadagino and his wonderful “Call my by your name” took me through the summer.

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