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El Parador del Mar Menor (Murcia) is close to the Mediterranean beach in Spain

Elena just wanted for her wedding a sunset over the sea and a full moon over dinner. No flowers, no big investment of decoration … Only that atmosphere, its people and Carlos: the boyfriend! Of course! When the premises are those … We have to be there to document it !! It is a prelude to great moments. It does not matter if you marry in a forest, a castle, a beach, a ship or a spaceship. The important thing is the attitude that you carry that day of generosity with your loved ones, of joy, gratitude and love to all who do their best to be there with you that day.

And if there is something that dazzled us about this wedding was the good thing that happened all day. Few photos I have in which Elena and Carlos are not hugging, laughing, applauding … That attitude of constant enjoyment with all your friends and family is contagious. They are enjoyed both from within as views from outside. This is how we lived!

Elena, a talented businesswoman in her Zubidesign company, chose a simple dress and Carlos a suit with mood ibicenco. The two always with a smile in their mouths, a beer in their hand and a word of thanks to everyone who came.

This was the wedding on the beach at El Parador del Mar Menor. Do not miss the video at the end of the post where they tell how they met.

Daniel + Gloria

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