Celia & Daniel


“We wanted the photos of our wedding to be natural, not to rob us of time with our guests, who were technically outstanding, simple but with a lot of personality, without artifice or touch-up … Without a doubt, the result has surpassed our expectations That we are very demanding).
Thanks for being great professionals, in short, your work is impeccable.
What we did not count on is that, in addition, Dani was so close and discreet at the same time, to help us on the march to make decisions with some details of the decoration, which would almost help us dress … And when he said goodbye We would like to give him a hug as if he were a friend. To this day they keep asking us if the photographer belongs to the family!
The best? The moment he waited for the light to be perfect so that we would not be absent from our wedding more than indispensable. He took us in his car through a few wheat fields, like surfing in a golden ocean, window lowered, dress rolled up, finally air in the face, and background the best possible soundtrack. We looked like the protagonists of a road movie escaping our own wedding. The complicity of Dani made us not realize that he was there with his camera. We felt so relaxed that we did not even have to pose, it was just a magical moment: being alone for the first time.
That wheatfield, that light, that moment … we are engraved forever. “


Leti & Miguel



He was skeptical that photographers, but you have not only exceeded expectations, but that you have completely demolished. You are excellent professionals, and even more, your human and personal quality is exceptional. All facilities and a positive attitude. Never lose your way of working.

It is what makes you unique.


You do not do photos, you inmortalizáis the best minutes, seconds, and milliseconds, that the nerves of the wedding, the couple hardly we learn that we are going through.

So luckily you would ransom, otherwise I do not know what would become of us.

You have exquisite taste and you know to capture in your work. You guys are great professionals and the result is that you surrender impeccable quality and also in record time. You worry that every picture perfect, and contain so many details and so much information, engaging a lot … and so am I! Tat since we were married at least once a week I hit a refresher. And the best part is that every time I see them, I discover something new.

And you have a way of being that makes you feel proud of haberos chose you. You are love!


Beth & Paul


When planning our wedding, we knew exactly what we wanted when it came to the photos: natural, un-posed shots that would be taken without our guests’ knowledge. We’ve been to so many weddings where hours are lost to photography – either with the couple disappearing to their ‘location shoots’ or families being marched through an endless series of group set-ups. Instead, we wanted a very casual, relaxed celebration, where we could spend time with the people that had travelled from all over the world to be with us.

I cannot give enough praise to Daniel and Gloria – not just for the indescribably beautiful photos taken at our wedding, but also for the help they gave us leading up to the day. Planning the wedding from Australia, we ran into a few difficulties sorting out the legalities, and they were the first to jump in and help us – even calling our priest at one stage to break down the language barrier!

We met Daniel the day before our wedding and loved him straight away: such a friendly, enthusiastic and generally great guy. The day of the wedding, he and his assistant Miguel were fabulous: they arrived and just got on with things without us even noticing. After the ceremony, we only took about 20 minutes for our ‘couple’ shots (which included breaking into a neighbour’s backyard!); everything else was done in a photo-journalistic style. From sweeping landscapes to tiny details, our photos have impressed everyone who’s seen them. Our only problem: there were so many amazing shots to choose from that we struggled to narrow them down into one album!


Rocio & Luis


I met Productions People work through his Instagram account and then it was clear: if one day I get married I want to be our wedding photographers. And so it was, it was time and before seeking the church or the restaurant I already wanted to contact them, so when I had available confirmed that the date of our wedding I went crazy with joy. And it is no wonder, the photos have a unique and personal touch, a way to capture the light and energy that move to get that special moment and get them back to gauging the emotions of the moment.

During the preparations for the wedding I was discussing with Gloria all the details and, despite not meet in person, their friendliness and closeness gave me a lot of confidence and security of knowing that all would be well with them.

Te wedding day Daniel gave the soul to get the best pictures and best of all, did not stop to smile and enjoy what I was doing. Tis passion for a job well done has paid of: the result could not be more spectacular! Te truth is that all our family and friends agree that the photos are works of art.

Tank Gloria and Daniel for making all the wonderful times we live in the day of our wedding to be unforgettable through your photos.


Pilar & Eric


“… Te world of photography is lucky to have someone with his point of view …” and we, we were lucky about that gray morning when we crossed the door of People Productions. We find a world full of light, simplicity. Pure originality.

Tanks to Gloria and Dani, our day was magical. His creativity made us connect from the outset and the result is the memory of unforgettable. Pure feeling.

Tanks guys for being able to convey so many feelings through your art … Thank you for being part of our history!!!

people fotografos de bodas

Layla & Ramón


Behind a wedding months of work, effort and enthusiasm summarized in a few hours full of intensity and feelings they are hidden. Te joy of a mother or a sister’s tears, hugs, reunions, confidences and toast friends or jokes and dances derived from an uncontrolled need a thousand stories and details occur. None of it ended up lost in oblivion by Dani was able to register them as if he were a guest of the festival. Tus achieving his photographs give a dose of magic and spontaneity that far exceeded our expectations. People Productions has given us the opportunity to relive again and again the happiest day of our lives, recalling all those times when we share our joy with our people. We could not be more grateful.


Carolina & Alberto


It meet Daniel and Gloria was the biggest stroke of luck you had to prepare for our wedding. We had six weeks to organize everything and, often, the best things got so close to you that you do not realize. When you enter your office and meet them and work them, we knew they were going to be our photographers. Afer that, everything was shot: natural, fun and very spontaneous. People still remember them behind trees and sneaking into the homes of the villagers. Tanks to them, the memory of our day is even more special.Long live our ninja photographers!