Hay emociones

Picture of Daniel & Gloria
Daniel & Gloria

Founders of People

Our goal in weddings is the pursuit of beauty through people. People are the ones who make the wedding. People are the most important thing. People. That’s why we call ourselves “People Truelove Tellers”

This is the translation of the voice in the video:

There are glances of those that only the two of them know
There are grooms who cry, who cry, who cry, who cry a lot … Who weep are we.
But who does not cry at the wedding of his daughter, his brother, his granddaughter …?
There are flying bouquets, flying grooms, flying brides … even flying kids.
There are children who are bored, who help dress, who want to dress as a bride, children who do not want to dress, who want to undress, who do not want to comb … how difficult it is to dress them … But they hug their mothers so they do not No one takes them.
There are even brides who want to still be kids.
Brides who laugh, who cry, who kiss, who pass cold, brides who think about it for the last time before getting married …
Grooms who like “An Officer and a Gentleman” Because there is always some officer and some gentleman.
Grooms with their mothers
Brides with their parents … you will always be their baby …
Parents who cry, who laugh, who comfort, who, who are comforted, parents who dance and listen …
There are long toasts and “toast the bride and groom”
Little brothers, older sisters, many sisters or just one you need
Friends, with whom you laugh, with whom you cry, with whom you embrace …
And laughter, laughter, laughter … lots of laughter. They are never too many.
There are sheep and rainbows … well not always. Actually never.
There are horses and hens, rural bands, freddy mercury doubles, shoes that no longer hurt, cider and bagpipers if you are in Asturias and confetti a lot of confetti. There are guests who want to flirt with the photographer and of photographer`s wife who do not want them to flirt with him.
And grandparents who laugh, who cry … and the grandparents …
And hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs … Never, never, never are too long
There are emotions, emotions, emotions, emotions. Emotions.


It has been an incredible few days in Barcelona surrounded by good friends. Still excited with all your good words about our paper at BodaF.

Really really, it was an incredible rush to be there in front of so many people that we admire and respect. But 9 months have been ruminating the paper, about 15 days before without sleep, mental tests, hundreds of post-it stuck on too many walls, tears and insecurities … that’s how we are.

We felt that the opportunity to speak at BodaF was due to those 2011 Gloria and Daniel, young and inexperienced at the first BodaF in Madrid where we dreamed of improving as photographers and doing something to be proud of.

I would never have imagined that a few years later I would be upstairs. Although I do not feel like a speaker, I do not feel the aura I attributed to those photographers who listened ojiplático. I have always felt one more of the people are sitting, pointing, nodding, deciding what things I have to change on the web as soon as I get home … I have always felt a student.

So thank you all for allowing me to live that moment that I will remember until the last of my days!

And, above all, thanks to my parents, sister and friends, to Celia and to whoever you are that you are in there, and thanks to you, Gloria. For all.




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