The Wolves Workshop

For us, one of the keys to continue to grow as photographers and as individuals it is to surround yourself with creative people and to feed your desire to continue to improve. In this spirit, we enjoyed a few days of training at The Wolves Workshop a workshop organized by Pablo Béglez in the Canary island of La Graciosa.

Being a wedding photographer and be near Lanzarote is a great privilege because this volcanic land offered landscapes and a light that usually do not have the good fortune to work.

The three days we spent together (because we also carry small house) were repairmen after an intense working season but, above all, very rewarding. The paper that Daniel shared one of the nights awakened the sensitivity of many who were there. All the words we spent the end, the confidences they wanted to share with us part of the greatest treasure we took on that island: the human experience.

Here you have a few pictures of the four days we spent in La Graciosa surrounded by “wolves”

Gloria + Daniel


wedding-photographer-lanzarote-001 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-002 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-003 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-004 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-005 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-006 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-007 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-008 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-009 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-010 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-011 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-012 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-013 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-014 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-015 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-016 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-017 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-018 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-019 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-020 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-021 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-022 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-023 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-024 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-025 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-026 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-027 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-028 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-029 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-030 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-031 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-032 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-033 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-034 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-035 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-036 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-037 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-038 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-039 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-040 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-041 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-042 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-043 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-044 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-045 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-046 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-047 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-048 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-049 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-050 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-051 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-052 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-053 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-054 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-055 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-056 wedding-photographer-lanzarote-057

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En el fondo, de eso van las bodas.

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