A wedding at El Espino Monastery

A wedding in the Monasterio del Espino, a wonderful enclave located in Santa Gadea del Cid, province of Burgos, where we were fortunate to immortalize the wedding in the Monasterio del Espino Tuscan style that Celia and Daniel celebrated. and if we had to define it with one word, it would besymbiosis. It is the one the bride and groom chose to talk about themselves, their relationship with each other and with all their people.

And the choice of the place to celebrate a wedding in the
Wedding in the Monasterio del Espino
could not be more successful. Their wedding was an explosion of hugs, tears, laughter, dancing, kisses and toasts… And all of that is contagious. It was so great everything we were experiencing that after the ceremony, when traditionally the couple’s photos are taken, we felt bad having to ask them to leave for a bit to take the photos of just the two of them. So we told them: Why don’t we wait until sunset, when we’re going to have incredible light, and now you’re going to enjoy your people?

It’s all said and done! And what a good thing we did!!! They were happy to spend the whole cocktail with their people, sharing hugs, tears, laughs, dances, kisses and toasts…..

All the love that they dedicated to their friends and family was reflected in every detail of their wedding: Celia chose a wedding dress by Isabel Nuñez with sleeves and buttons that they fell in love with since she showed us the dress for the first time weeks before the wedding. The headdress was by Mimoki and the shoes by Pura Lopez.

And the place, the Monasterio del Espino. One of our favorite wedding venues in Burgos, where we have done a lot of Tuscan style weddings, but each one of them we face with the challenge and the illusion of doing new things, as if it were the first time. Someday we will talk to you about this, about how we face our weddings in a place we know very well, without falling into a routine and repeating ourselves.

The floral decoration made by Floristería Palmero left us speechless from the moment we arrived at the salon! Don’t miss Macarena’s work with this colonial style decoration for weddings. It is simply delicious.

And in the evening, after they danced, then yes. We kidnapped them in our car and drove off with the “She & Him” album to a location where the light was incredible. It was one of the highlights of this year’s wedding season. Nothing could be heard. Only the wind rustling Celia’s dress. It was his moment. The two of them alone, after 10 hours surrounded by people, it was their moment. And that, even if we are behind a camera, is contagious, it is perceived, it makes you feel good. And so, the photos come out by themselves in those circumstances.

Finally, they wanted to share with us and all those couples who are considering choosing us as their photographers that moment in our testimonials section:

“The best? The moment he waited for the light to be perfect so that we would not be absent from our wedding more than necessary. He drove us in his car through some wheat fields, as if surfing in a golden ocean, window down, dress rolled up, air in our faces at last, and the best possible soundtrack in the background. We looked like the protagonists of a road movie escaping from our own wedding. Dani’s complicity made us not realize that he was there with his camera. We felt so relaxed that we didn’t even have to pose, it was just a magical moment: being alone for the first time.

That wheat field, that light, that moment… they remain etched in our minds forever.”

Thank you very much for allowing us to live and share all this with you!

If you want to know all the credits of this Wedding at the Monasterio del Espino, at the end of the post you will find them all!

Wedding vendors Monasterio del Espino

Celia wedding dress: Isabel Nuñez

Celia Shoes: Pura López

Celia headdress: MIMOKI

Floral Decoration and Bouquet:
Palmero Florist

El Espino Monastery

Dani Suit: Antonaga by Serrano

Dani Shoes: Glent

Mother and sister Celia:
Alicia Rueda

Pamelon sister Celia:
Anita Ribbon

Kimono Celia: Khemeia kimonos

Celia espadrilles: Mint&Rose

Wedding in the Espino Monastery

Tuscan Style Wedding

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