Doing this, doing this recap of the year, in the search for the best wedding photos of 2017 is a process well akin to catharsis. Through all the photos, we remember not only that wedding, but our vital moment on that day.

Because 2017, without a doubt, has been, once again an emotional roller coaster. At least for us. Full of ups and downs, with moments when we wanted it to end once and for all and moments when we wanted to freeze time.

All these feelings are reflected in the photos.

A year full of adventures. And we are not at all adventurous. We feel better at home, close to our little house. With what is known. But there is not much of a challenge there. The challenge of going out and doing something that initially makes you uncomfortable is a constant attitude in our work. This generates uneasiness and even discomfort. But it’s exciting and exhilarating when you get through it and you look back and say, “I did that.”


Travel by car, plane, train, boat and even camel… Weddings in Morocco, weddings in France, weddings in Italy (twice), in Croatia, in Mexico, in Barcelona, Mallorca, Madrid, Bilbao, Lanzarote, San Sebastian, Burgos, La Rioja…

And in the middle of it all, the most amazing trip: the birth of our second son, Teo.

Undoubtedly, that is the real motivation to keep doing all this.

Millions of thanks to each and every one of you for following us and giving us your kind words about everything we do!

Daniel + Gloria

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