Truelove Tellers Season 8 – Collector’s Edition

Las mejores fotos de boda en 2016

Truelove Tellers Season 8 – Collector’s Edition

Las mejores fotos de boda en 2016

The best wedding photos in 2016

For many of you who have followed us throughout this season, the #truelovetellersS8E__ will be familiar. If, in addition, you are devourers of series from remote (and pirates) times, you will have caught the wink.

And for us it has been fun. Living the season as a series, with its 37 episodes (we would not buy Netflix with such amount) has been fun, stimulating and exhausting. Full of great moments with people we had just met, or to whom we join a career in the profession or life.

Be that as it may, this moment of the year when we review and summarize everything lived, the feeling is, once again, gratitude.

We recognize that every year we decide to make this “Best of …” with the best wedding photos in 2016, gives us a bit of laziness. Go back to review all the weddings, all the selected photos, the thousands of images …

But in a way, it is to return to live briefly travel, farewells and reunions, good things that we live in parallel and not good too, moments with friends reunited, and memories of those who have left, moments of nerves before A wedding and a rush when everything is going on wheels.

It is, in a way, a kind of diary for us.

We take pictures so that couples can remember their day and their people in many years. But we will also remember ourselves and our lives through those photographs.

So if you see a photo that does not make much sense with the rest of selected, for us it has.

We can not separate the professional from the personal. From the moment we deliver a part of us, it ceases to be exclusively professional.

For photographers, who are embarrassed to see photos and photos (ours and other colleagues) this selection may go unnoticed or as one more, but, from the heart of the heart, in each image we have chosen is done with everything What we carry inside.

So, one more year, thank you all. To each and every one of the people with whom we have shared something during this season, to all the couples who chose us, and to whom we

did not, to all the companions of this wedding world (dress designers, wedding planners, chefs, waiters , Florists, make-up artists, hairdressers, DJs, restaurant managers …) you all contributed so that we could take these photos.

And to close this parrafada, we warn you that at the end of the post there is an easter egg in the form of Spotify list.

See you next year! Soon starts # truelovetellersS09E01

Daniel + Gloria



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