Whenever we publish in our blog we do it with love and pride in a work done with the heart. But today’s is more special.

We understand photography as something natural, a reflection of the way we see the world. Details, details, details… Life is made up of details. That is what moves us to photograph them. Capture those little things that over the years, make you go back to the time they were taken.

The images we present to you are special because they are of our own family. We got together as many of us as we had ever done before. And we did it as a tribute to those who were no longer present sharing table and tablecloth, but in our hearts.

Between melancholy and memories, the little ones started to run, to throw themselves on the ground, to play among the tomatoes, to bathe in a well… The sun came out for everyone. We ran home to get the camera because there were those details that many years from now will comfort us and remind us that life goes on and that the little ones show us the way: play, be curious, get dirty, enjoy the innocence… be happy with what you have.



This post is dedicated to the person who taught us that life is born in the earth and nourished by people. We love you, Secretary.

Summer Kids

Family session

Now it's your turn