Sitges Wedding Photographer

Villa Catalina Wedding

Sitges Wedding Photographer

Villa Catalina Wedding

Natalie and Felix had a wedding arranged at Villa Catalina that looked like it was going to be through water. But as it usually happens with the Mediterranean climate, it offered us two very different faces that ended up reflecting perfectly the two environments that we enjoyed that day.

On the one hand, the overcast sky with which we arrived at Villa Catalina and the threats of rain gave the ideal light for the wedding photographers to capture the preparations before the ceremony. And this intimate wedding with only 40 guests allowed us to see very special moments. Complicit looks and gestures that you can only offer on those occasions.

But when it was finally time for the ceremony, Sitges offered his other face and gave us a beautiful sun. It could not be any other way to accompany Natalie, as she was beaming with her Berta’s wedding dress with a V-neckline, covered shoulders and also low-cut back. You only need to see his smile, the choice is simply perfect.

Weddings with few guests are always special to photograph. The feelings are on the surface and the vows sound more sincere when they are your family and close friends who are witnesses. The looks of complicity and affection that allowed us to see during the wedding and the subsequent session was one of those moments that helps us keep in mind why we enjoy this work so much. When we look back, we would appreciate it if we were allowed to be part of it.

Villa Catalina Wedding Venue

The night in Sitges again contrasted with the dawn and luckily they cleared the skies again to give the warm atmosphere that they came to look for the Mediterranean.

The way in which they distributed the guests seemed to be designed to coincide with the speeches that would be given. Thanks to the family of Felix by Natalie and vice versa, all sitting at the same table contrary to how it usually is, distributed in several. It was beautiful to see two families so united and share the joy of the couple.

That’s why the party and the dances that usually end the wedding were so special this time. After an emotional wedding and a moving feast it was great to see the two families dancing and having a great time.

The two faces of the Mediterranean climate managed to coincide with the two facets that we love about weddings: the emotional moments that we shared with the couple and the after party of which all the guests were protagonists. It was a pleasure to be present in both and make sure to capture all those special moments. We can only thank that they let us be part of them.

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