We have titled this wedding as a rock and roll wedding because, as you will see, it has that vibe of a couple sure of what they want. They were very clear, they wanted a simple civil wedding and then a great party! So let’s get to work 😉 They contacted
Storybook Weddings
for organize your wedding and it was they who recommended our work to them. As the bride confessed to us in an email: “We are very happy to have you at our wedding, Wendy told us that what you were doing was super nice and the truth is that seeing the photos on the web we have been flipped, we are looking forward to seeing ours” <3

So, after several emails, their day arrived, one Thursday in June their civil wedding took place in Madrid and they wanted us to be present so we were there. First at their home to take pictures of the preparations, then they wanted to make a
first look
(to see each other before the ceremony) and then their wedding photos. You will see in the wedding pictures that everything was very cool: their son (thanks to him we have a beautiful vinyl of our little one’s room), their house, their love, their treatment… As always, being a wedding photographer involves much more than just going, doing your job and going home. It is nice to feel part of history and to see your work recognized, captured in unique moments of people who love each other and who will relive them through your images :))

And, wait, there’s still more! The next day, on Friday afternoon, we showed up at the party that was held at Studio54 in Madridwhere they sealed their love again in front of all their people with a outdoor ceremony decorated in a very cool way by the

That luminous LOVE sign will always be in our retina 😉 and is largely to blame for this post’s name: Neon Love

We believe we have already given you most of the details of this wedding in Madrid. wedding in Madridso without further ado, we will leave you with the best memories of this particular particular celebration of love that has already been baptized as the Rock and roll wedding!


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Rock and roll wedding – Neon Love

Civil wedding in Madrid

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