With the envy we have given you on Facebook and Twitter saying that we were going to do a pre-wedding in Ibiza, these photos surely do not catch you by surprise, right? Well, we are going to tell you the story of why this report in Ibiza. Maria and Gonzalo are united by their love of the
island of Ibiza and Formentera
he is in love with nature and in
and in Formentera he has found paradise, virgin, pure beaches and an island with almost no pollution. That’s why they decided that they wanted their couple photos in the Balearic Islands.

But we’ll tell you more. Maria is Daniel’s sister, and everyone asks her: “Well, your brother will take your pictures, won’t he? Typical. But no. She is more than a fan of our wedding photos but she wants us to enjoy the day of her wedding as her guests (which we are very grateful for because you all know what it means to go to work and be invited…). So that’s how we will do it! :)) We left the wedding reportage in the hands of Sara Lázaro (we are sure she will capture the essence of that day very well) and Mikel Pikabea, from Ohhhappyday, will be in charge of the video. Sound familiar? Of course! He is the same guy who made ours (if you want to remember it is here) and we are so delighted with it that we would recommend it a thousand times so why not to make the video of our sister! 😉 Aiiiiiiii what a wedding we are looking forward to when we talk about it!!!

When they proposed us to go to Ibiza to do their pre-wedding session we were very excited and we were delighted to say yes, when have we ever said no? 😉 And there the 4 of us landed. Sun, warmth, Italians (yes, the island was full of them), a little bit of beach, a little bit of good food… Mmmmmmmmm what we love gastronomy! :)) We are not going to lie, it was a half work, half pleasure trip…. Maria and Gonzalo were discovering us places and what we saw interesting click! photo! We were in some beautiful coves, in a place to eat fresh fish by the sea … awesome! And if Ibiza makes us fall in love, Formentera, I can’t even tell you! We had been there a couple of years ago and crossing the little pond that separates it from Ibiza was, once again, a breath of fresh air! What a pleasure… those beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water… paradise! It reminded us a lot of the Greek Islands, those little first floor houses, painted white on the outside, cobblestone streets, street markets…. All so
so Ibizan… We love the Pitiusas, hey, what can we say! We are fascinated by its light and you will be too when you see the photos and if not, tell us about it later 😉

Maria, Gonzalo, we love you! Thank you for giving us these photos and for having shared so many moments together in these 3 days. We love to see how happy you are!!! :)) Who would have thought… today, you are the stars of our website! What an illusion! 😉

We hope you enjoy the photos of our getaway to Ibiza and, you know, if you feel like listening to some music while you see them, press play! 😉

A hug!


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Maria + Gonzalo

Pre-wedding in Ibiza

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