Mallorca backyard wedding

Otaduy brides

Mallorca backyard wedding

Otaduy brides


Our June begun with this indie backyard wedding in Mallorca, but really as I told you in the previous post, two days before we had a wedding in the hotel Castell d’Empordà of a British couple who celebrated their destination wedding in Costa Brava Spain.

As you know we are excited to travel, and if we travel as wedding photographers to be somewhere further. And if now that work is a wedding in Mallorca… it has many points for maximum enjoyment;) I am not going to lie, besides work, we had time of relax, visiting hidden coves of Mallorca, having long chats in candlelight with our colleagues and friends Ohhhappyday (they were responsible for the video recording of the wedding), we following a leisurely pace of life … a slow life in every way!

But I tell you let’s focus on the little details of this backyard wedding, and that had many! For starters, it was a civil wedding in the evening at Finca Biniorella in Camp de Mar (Andratx). It is a farm wedding surrounded by the Sierra de Tramontana so that the landscape was beautiful <3 Being so close to the sea and mountains is amazing!


Laura chose a wedding dress by Otaduy indie (not say anything we have not already said, we are very, very fans of this wedding brand dresses and their manifesto <3) completed a wreath to OhFleurs flowercroan who also they commissioned to design the bouquet of wild girlfriend to this rustic wedding in Mallorca.

The dinner was held outdoors with tables runs curtains illuminated with bulbs, very much in line around the country rustic-style had given the wedding.

I can only wish you to enjoy photo Daniel did at this wedding; I say that is starting to take shots that look of an editorial in the weddings themselves, would ye who believe! As you can see are real and authentic weddings we have in People but the style of brides is so careful that it seems that everything is ready but not simply the stars align and we get couples like we have;)



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