You know how much we love family photo shoots, right? Daniel has a lot of fun making them! We have several that you have already seen and that prove it, for example, this one we did in Barcelona and of which we keep a wonderful memory, you can see it here. Daniel has a blast taking pictures of kids, jumping and running with them! You know that, although we grow up, we all carry that child inside us that comes out from time to time and makes us remember our childhood 😉 This time he had two cute little girls to take some pictures with their dads and spend a fun afternoon. We did this outdoor family session at Casa Laia, a beautiful wedding property in Zumaia (Guipuzcoa) where Lucia and Jaime will get married.

Actually, these photos are from their pre-wedding session, but as they are daddies of 10, they didn’t want to miss the opportunity to take some pictures with their daughters and have a precious memory of their whole family. They asked us to do the pre-wedding with their girls and we were delighted to say of course! The day of the session arrived and we let them do it…let them be themselves and so it was…the little one was a little bit sick but we managed to get a smile or two out of her 😉 The older one had a great time: she jumped, picked blackberries, snails, grasshoppers…. Aiiii, how we love taking pictures out doors and being able to take all those moments of the little ones with nature. And while the little ones were having fun we took the couple pictures of Lucia and Jaime.

They are #cuentinovios, just like Diana and Luis, do you remember their
couple session
? which means that behind your wedding will be the team from
fairytale weddings
organizing and decorating so that everything looks great and that they and their guests have a great day. And we, of course, are delighted to be able to work with wedding planners like Jose and Wendy and make our photos look a little more beautiful thanks to their decorations. We have no doubt that it will be a rechuli wedding! Well, we haven’t told you but the bride, Lucia, has her own event company and together with her partner Onditz she forms
Paramenta Studio
. She designed the wedding invitations that you can see here . Don’t tell me they are not cute! 😉 But well, we’ll talk about their wedding in the Basque Country later when it happens and we have the pictures ready to show you :))

A hug!


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Lucia + Jaime

Family photo session

Now it's your turn