You already know that we love to photograph weddings wherever we are called. And this time it was a wedding on Lake Como. One of the most special places in Italy where we could not be in better company.

Federica and Pierre managed to bring together people from three continents to celebrate their day in a location that is hard to forget.

Lake Como has the ability to convey a precious enormity but at the same time be welcoming. You feel sheltered in the mountains while you have a spectacular landscape in front of you. We are sure that even though the guests came from Colombia and the United States, they immediately felt at home.

Ceremony at Villa Pizzo

Because it wasn’t just Lake Como that was beautiful at this wedding: the sculptures and decorations in the small chapel where the guests could barely fit added to the feeling of shelter and hospitality. The views and architecture of Villa Pizzo also made the banquet and the party.

When you see some wedding photographs on Lake Como it might be easy to linger on the “glamour”, you see Federica and Pierre crossing the lake in a motorboat and it might be something you don’t see at every wedding, that catches your eye.

But the most special thing we saw at this wedding was how two families from such far away places came together. When Federica left Italy, she found in Colombia another family that welcomed her as their own daughter, that is why this day seems so special to us and Lake Como transmits this feeling to us.

That just like her, all the guests felt welcomed there and part of the same family in the same way they made her feel.

We know that this wedding in Como will be unforgettable for them because it was for us. With every trip we take to photograph a wedding we discover new places and learn precious stories that we could never have witnessed otherwise.

For that, we can only thank Federica and Pierre for letting us be part of theirs.

Lake Como wedding (Federica + Pierre)

Ceremony at Villa Pizzo

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