Indie wedding in La Rioja, Spain

Outdoor weddings

Indie wedding in La Rioja, Spain

Outdoor weddings

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When we exchanged emails with Layla and Ramon, to his wedding they have never referred to as such, but they always said it was their party. And it was, a different and indie wedding in La Rioja, Spain that when you see the pictures sure that you cause more of a smile;)

They wanted to be alone together before the ceremony, as I have taught other times, the first look increasingly takes over at weddings! So they took the time to get the story wedding in the house of the grandmother of the groom (yeeeah, manner-style as could be! How we love those proposals couples!)

Getting ready for the wedding and the first meeting took place in OJ Hotel Alesanco (La Rioja); by the way we love their slogan: “The luxury of simplicity” <3 Great! As you can see in the pictures it’s really cool place!

This week, Daniel told me a phrase that marked me: Where there is a nice light, nice things happen.

And seeing the slideshow of this wedding in La Rioja, it’s clear to me. I admire many things about him, both personal photographer; but that’s the most respect to the latter, it is the ability to see that light, that light that he becomes magical and makes couples that naturally emit front of her. Thanks for teaching me that sensibility to this work samples; I love that, even today, put me goose bumps each slideshow you do <3 As you can see, this site is also a kind of personal diary;)

But let’s back to the Layla & Ramon’s party! It was a backyard wedding with a civil ceremony in the garden of the groom’s house and an informal dinner to celebrate their joy; Is there anything better to marry in your own home? I don’t think so! Besides the decoration was designed by the wedding planners Amicodesign and it was a success! Colored flags, curtains and lamps air very rustic wedding according to the party venue.

I leave you to see the wedding photos of these guys and judge for yourselves.

See you! ;))


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