“Life is not a journey. It’s a musical thing.”

Alan Watts

This is the story of Candice and Nick, two Canadians who decided to elope from their beautiful country to get married in privacy in another of the most beautiful known countries: Iceland.

They climbed to the top of a hill next to a lighthouse in the small port town of Stykkishólmur, in the northwest of the island. They vowed to each other a life full of adventure and calm, of cold and heat, of dancing and quiet. A life together.

We exchanged emails and Skype calls for months but it wasn’t until the morning of the wedding that we met in person while sharing breakfast at the Egilsen Hotel. Rarely have we connected so quickly and so well with other people: the same musical and cinematographic tastes, the same vital attitudes?

The 48 hours we shared together in Iceland were revitalizing when the fatigue of a long wedding season was beginning to take its toll.

It was a gift to meet them, to share that adventure with them and to discover that life is not a journey, it is, rather, a dance, a great song!

Daniel and Gloria

Getting married in Iceland

Wedding in Iceland

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