The Parador del Mar Menor (Murcia) is right on the beach.

Elena only wanted for her wedding a sunset by the sea and a full moon during dinner. No flowers, no big investments in decoration… Just that environment, its people and Carlos: the groom! Of course! When the premises are those… We have to be there to document it! It is a prelude to great moments. It doesn’t matter if you get married in a forest, a castle, a beach, a ship or a spaceship. The important thing is the attitude you bring that day of generosity with your loved ones, of joy, gratitude and love to all those who do their best to be there with you that day.

And if there is one thing that dazzled us about this wedding, it was the good vibes all day long. I have very few photos in which Elena and Carlos are not hugging, laughing, clapping… That attitude of constant enjoyment with all your friends and family is contagious. They are enjoyed both from the inside as well as seen from the outside. That’s how we lived it!

Elena, a talented handbag entrepreneur in her company Zubidesign, chose a simple dress designed by The Row with sandals by Úrsula Mascaró and bouquet by Sally L. Hambleton. And Carlos a suit with ibicencan mood. Both always with a smile on their faces, a beer in their hands and a word of thanks to everyone they approached.

This was the wedding and its photographs on the beach of El Parador del Mar Menor between candles and a tropical atmosphere. Don’t miss the video at the end of the post where they tell how they met.

Daniel + Gloria

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Elena + Carlos

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