DUMBO Loft Wedding

A wedding in Brooklyn, New York City

And feel, feel, feel… love, love, love… those words with so much emotional charge in a city as big as New York seem to recover all their meaning, all their essence. At a New York wedding, I love you resounds loudly.

If we learned anything from this
wedding in New York
is that the world needs more people like them, like Maryann & Kevin. More transparent people, free, eager to continue growing, optimistic, with a contagious joy, solid values in which family and friends are essential…

In a city like New York where 10 million people live, it is very difficult to coincide again and again with the same person; well, they met in the street, at the gym, on the train… it was clear that the universe was determined that they had to be together. These coincidences make you think that if this person appears in your life, maybe it is worth getting to know him or her and give you the opportunity to share moments together.

We are so grateful to have been able to tell their story after a wonderful serendipity: a hastag on instagram would lead them to hire their wedding photographers. We still find it incredible that our work has brought us this far. Thank you so much,



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NYC Wedding

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