Boda en Domaine Des Evis (Charlotte & Alan)

Mariage au Domaine des Evis

Boda en Domaine Des Evis (Charlotte & Alan)

Mariage au Domaine des Evis

From the first moment we approached Domaine Des Evis we knew that it would be an unforgettable day.

Being inside the natural park Perche a wedding in Domaine Des Evis was going to have the perfect scenario to look like a wedding taken from a story.

It is a bucolic space full of small corners in which to get lost that we loved to capture. Not only the landscape, but also the entire fortified farm was decorated with an exquisite taste that made our work incredibly easy and created an almost magical atmosphere.

But not all the merit was of Domaine des Evis, of course the dress of Laure de Sagazan that chose Charlotte could not be better to complement the idyllic space in which we were. And not only this, the wreath of leaves and flowers that she chose for her and the bridesmaids increases that feeling that some of the scenes we live were typical of a story.

You only need to see how happy and cheerful Charlotte and Alan are to guess the atmosphere of the wedding that spread to us and all the guests.

His family and friends had to travel two hours from Paris, which accentuated the feeling of refuge given by the old buildings of La Chapelle-Fortin. A perfect place for a quiet ceremony and as beautiful as everything we had seen.

When they contacted us, we were excited about the idea of ​​this wedding at Domaine des Evis, but we did not expect it to exceed our expectations in this way.

Every trip we make with our cameras is a new surprise and this trip to France could not be less. We could not ask for more to enjoy our work portraying unique moments.

That’s why we want to thank Charlotte and Alan for allowing us to be part of their wedding, since it is one of those sessions that we will not forget, no matter how much time passes.

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