Diana and Luis are
#wedding couple
to whom we take their wedding photos and video in León. The storybook wedding, for those who don’t know, means that your wedding will be decorated by
Storybook weddings, the wedding designers
that is to say, it’s going to be really cool! :))

It will be our first wedding with Wendy and Jose and we are very excited to work with them on the day. It is also going to be one of the first ones we do as wedding photographers in León and that, my dears, is cool. La tierrina is la tierrina and for me, Glo, I am especially excited to enjoy this wedding reportage surrounded by people I know.

When we approached them with the idea of making their pre-wedding session We asked them where they wanted to do it and they answered: “We want something industrial”. couple photos and what better than a open pit mine to give it the touch they wanted, although they also have photographs in a more natural environment, in small woods that we were finding on the way and that seemed interesting to us. Their pre-wedding pictures are very varied, they have
photos of landscapes
They have photos of landscapes, photos of the bride and groom, photos with the motorcycle, photos in the mine… And what better setting for a pre-wedding in León than a mine, don’t you think? :))

A hug!


[audio:the-national-terrible-love .mp3]

Pre-wedding in León
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Diana + Luis

Pre-wedding in León

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