A wedding in 3 acts.

I like to think of Cristina and Lara’ s wedding as a three-act wedding .

Like the classics.

They are wedding photographers in Asturias. And working for colleagues is both stimulating and motivating.

In this case, that mattered little.

Because they are kindness, generosity, tenacity and example.

Just look at how committed his people were to them.

But let’s go back.

To days of confinement. Just for a moment. And only in our head.

Their wedding was initially to be March 21, 2020.

What came next will surprise you. It would be good clickbait if it hadn’t really been something that shocked the entire planet.

The confinement was no excuse for their wedding not to take place and that day, Cristina and Lara summoned all their guests to a live on Instagram where, in front of comments, emojis and flying hearts they got married.

It seemed to me that there was no excuse to take pictures and prepare this little slideshow of their first wedding.

ACT 1: Girl meets girl.

ACT 2: The conflict.

With the innocent hope that this would happen in a few weeks or months, we moved the wedding date to December 12, 2020.

Second wave.

This was no longer funny.

And the body and the heart were already too tired to think about celebrations.

Cristina and Lara decided to celebrate their second wedding in privacy. The two of them alone.

No emoticons or flying hearts.

The two of them. Which, after all, is the basis.

Cristina prepared a letter to Lara.

"We were shaken to our very souls."

This phrase is the one that always makes Gloria cry.

New date: May 30, 2021.

ACT 3: All for love

They managed to prove to the world that they are experts in overcoming all the complications that life throws their way.

That postponing a wedding twice is nothing.

Because life is not really life if we are not allowed to love ourselves.

Cristina & Lara

"Life is not life if they don't let us love each other."

Now it's your turn