Sometimes we find it a little hard to believe that a wedding in Connecticut is going to be covered by a few
wedding photographers from Burgos
But there are many things that this profession has given us that we would never have expected.

Natalia and Matt’s wedding came to us because her sister was already familiar with our work, showed it to the couple and luckily, they liked it enough to decide to give us this experience.

Traveling always gives us the opportunity to photograph different landscapes, environments to which we are not used to and, of course, different ways to live a day as special as your wedding.

It is difficult to see in Spain a wedding celebrated at home, we are used to go to churches, town halls, banquet halls; but not to stay at home. Natalia and Matt let us see a very intimate part of their day and portray the American culture.

Because that was one of the memories that has stuck with us most strongly from this Connecticut wedding. It took place in the middle of autumn, with all the Halloween preparations ready and the trees mixing brown and green leaves, a typical atmosphere that we strived to capture and reflect.

It is fortunate that on this trip we could not only keep all this but also open a door to the most intimate part of these celebrations. Something unavoidable when doing so in a family home.

It was exciting to see that you only need a garden and a small tent to have a ceremony and banquet that allows you to celebrate and dance the day away. The quiet, domestic, family atmosphere that we were able to capture is hard to find and we couldn’t be happier to have made this trip.

This is one of the reasons why we are excited to go wherever we are called. To be able to see the world from another perspective and try to capture it.

It is a privilege and we continue to be amazed that our photographs reach so many people and excite them. But it is a greater one that because of them we visit so many places and learn so much.

So, if we get a call from someone who likes our photos and they want us to make the trip to be at their wedding, we will do our best to go there.

By the way, don’t miss the wedding video we made there! It is at the end of the post.

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