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Here it is! The outdoor wedding we had in Burgos, specifically in Santa Gadea del Cid. Yes, we know these guys were very lucky because having an afternoon wedding in early July and in the north is a bit risky, but it worked out great! :)) Sunny, pleasant temperature, a
jazz band
two wedding farms… Yes, you read that right, two! The first was the garden of a house in the village where the civil ceremony was held and then, after a walk in espadrilles (the girls at this wedding were very prepared), they had the cocktail and dinner at the
Monasterio del Espino weddings

Needless to say, it was not a traditional wedding in a big wedding hall or a tent, no, this was something else. This was a party where Alberto and Carolina invited their people to spend a pleasant evening in their company; and their great decoration was that curtain of light bulbs that made their wedding magical. Such warmth was created under that blanket of light When we saw it from the outside, Daniel and I said to each other: “It looks like a movie! We were aware that this is not usual or what we are used to seeing in most weddings, but we hope that it will not be unrepeatable and that there will be many more weddings like this! Outdoor weddings, with the charm of the lighting and the magic of the night :))

Nor was the bride and groom‘s indie look conventional. Alberto, a groom with a bow tie and suspenders (oh! and a beard! the beard is very important). dress by The Goose. Carolina, a bride with a crown of natural flowers, a dress with a back neckline, espadrilles and a braid. Anyone else? 😉

In addition, the road from the village to the estate was enlivened by
Spirit Rhythm Band
a jazz band from Valencia that has earned this mention. We are big fans of live bands for weddings!

And well, we will talk about the details and decoration of the wedding another day because it deserves a separate post 😉 Even so, we have left you some pictures where you can see some other touches that made this celebration even more special.

From Alberto and Carolina’s wedding reportage we can tell you that we look for simplicity (more and more); we let the landscape speak, let the colors of the countryside give that indie look to the photo, let it be a natural environment, as they are.

We can not tell you anything more than what you are going to see reflected in the wedding photos that, by the way, are made by both Daniel and me, so you can imagine how difficult it has been the selection process …. What if mine is better, what if you don’t know…;P Just kidding! hahaha, the vision is the same, fortunately, so the work of both of us only reinforces the idea that together is better😉

If you want to see more pictures, we invite you to go to the end of this post and press play on the video that appears. Don’t miss it! :)) And if you are one of those who like to see and analyze photo by photo, we recommend you to first press play on the music below and then go slowly through each one of the photos. We are convinced that you will feel the magic! If not, you can tell us and we will make the appropriate claims 😉

Daniel + Gloria

Carolina + Alberto

El Espino Monastery

Now it's your turn