Brad Pitt, that typical 56-year-old gentleman, received a few days ago the Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. They could have given it to him for having the best hair, for looking handsome even when he appears eating in each and every movie in which he participates.

Or for any of his films. Here we are very big fans of Mr. Pitt.

Without beating around the bush. During his acceptance speech he said something along the lines that after 30 years in this profession, some projects work and others don’t. And there is no reason to bludgeon either one. And to continue working.

I’ll take that.

I like this philosophy of allowing you to fail even if you don’t understand why. And also allow something to go well and be congratulated for it.

And to continue working.

Here goes a selection of things we did in 2019. Some of those failures and some of those successes.

By the way. Brad Pitt, we have two words for you: Jennifer Aniston.

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