Bardenas Reales: a wedding session in a landscape from another planet

The sunlight was beginning to fade and a cold air was seeping through the rocks. Evelyn and Jorge hugged and kissed each other with the wind in their faces. It was then that Jorge said: “The story of love cannot be so complicated and in our case it is not. It was a June 28, 2014 when the universe made us stumble. Our love story is not perfect. We’ve been through bumps and hard times, but it’s authentic and strong and unique.”

Evelyn snuggled into Jorge’s embrace and added, “What makes our relationship so wonderful are the little things. The good mornings, princess every morning. That you leave me the last bit, that you tangle in my hair, that you warm my feet in bed. To ask me how your day went. May you hold me every night before you go to sleep.”
Jorge smiled, stroking Evelyn’s hair: “Dreamers need realists to keep them from flying too close to the sun. And realists, if not dreamers, might never get off the ground. You’re definitely the dreamer and I’m the realist. And thank goodness we found each other.”

Evelyn and Jorge looked at each other fondly and, holding hands, continued their walk among the rocks. “Each of us, then is an equal half of a human whole. And each of us is always looking for the half that equals us. That half. Jorge, you are and always will be you,” said Evelyn.
It was a moment of intimacy, a moment of true love. And I, as a photographer, had the privilege of capturing that unique and special moment, which was captured in one of the most beautiful photos of the wedding session in Bardenas Reales.

The landscape in Bardenas Reales is a natural work of art, with unique rock formations and a breathtaking mix of colors. It is an ideal place for couples looking for a unique and authentic wedding session. The couple walked among the rocks, hugged and kissed while I captured every moment.

What surprised me most about Evelyn and Jorge was their connection. The way they looked at each other, the way they touched, the way they laughed together. It was a wedding session like no other, where love was in the air.
As the sunlight faded, the shadows grew longer and the rocks took on an even more magical color. The couple stopped to look at the horizon, and I took the opportunity to take some of the most spectacular photos of the session.

“Life is like a mirror. If you smile, the mirror smiles back at you,” said Jorge. Evelyn nodded, smiling. “The smile is the key that fits in everyone’s heart,” she said.

The couple continued walking along the rocks, exploring the landscape. They stopped at a viewpoint and contemplated the beauty of Bardenas Reales.

It was then that Evelyn said: “Our love is like this landscape. Unique, authentic, and full of nuances. Sometimes the road is difficult, but there is always something beautiful around us.”
Jorge nodded, taking Evelyn’s hand. “Beauty is in the details, and our love is an accumulation of little things that make us happy. Good morning, princess of every morning. That you leave me the last piece, that you tangle in my hair, that you warm my feet in bed. That you ask me how was your day. Hug me every night before I go to sleep”.

Evelyn smiled, and the two looked at each other as if there was no one else in the world. It was then when I took one of the most special photos of the wedding session in Bardenas Reales.

As the session progressed, I realized that the connection between Evelyn and Jorge was deeper than I had imagined. It was a connection based on acceptance, respect and love. And it was a privilege to be able to capture that love in photos.

When the session ended, Evelyn and Jorge said goodbye to Bardenas Reales. But they took with them an indelible memory of their love in a landscape from another planet. And I took with me the satisfaction of having captured the essence of their love in unique and special photos.
Bardenas Reales is a magical place, a place that inspires love, connection and happiness. And it is the perfect place for couples looking for an authentic and unique wedding session.

Bardenas Reales: a wedding session in a landscape from another planet

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