This is not the first time we have been invited to a wedding at the Contino Vineyards, but we are fortunate that every time we are invited to repeat a venue, it is a unique experience.

Ana and Iñigo taught us how to take the summer evenings calmly and enjoy every moment without rushing. From the preparations with the bride and groom, she dressed in a wonderful Helena Mareque dress with long sleeves and open back, to the sessions we had with them before and after the ceremony. Of course, the dress could not have been better chosen, since who better than a designer to make the choice perfect.

We also saw Ana wearing another of those details that we love that give meaning to the occasion. The bouquet she wore had a vine leaf base to pay homage to La Rioja and its vineyards. One of those decisions that make our photos much better, as you can see in those in which they are surrounded by vines with their bouquet in their hands.

But the tribute was more than justified, since we were able to enjoy the quieter side of La Rioja thanks to the Contino VineyardsIt was an unbeatable place to take advantage of the summer light and at the same time the facilities with a classic and calm aesthetic that perfectly reflected the atmosphere of this day.

The ceremony, which took place like the entire wedding at the Contino Vineyards, was intimate and emotional, as could be expected for this celebration. We could even see Íñigo shed some tears for all the words that were dedicated to them.

After the post-ceremony photo session, the bride and groom attended the banquet, set up on two long tables among the vineyards. It is not very common to see a banquet in the middle of nature in the middle of the night, but we love to be surprised at every wedding and that decisions are not made just because, or because it is “the right thing to do”. And Ana and Íñigo had it clear to make the day theirs.

Just like the dance after the banquet, far from complex ceremonies and full of luxury, they decided to have a party reminiscent of the verbenas. With banners, outdoors and with your favorite music.

Because of course, having the first dance to Radiohead’s Creep is not a conventional decision or “the right thing to do” at a wedding, but it’s what they should do to make the day truly theirs.
We can only thank the bride and groom for giving us a wedding at the Contino Vineyards that we will not forget. It’s great to see a couple enjoy the tranquility they give each other and how they transmitted it to us.

Ana + Iñigo, wedding at the Contino Vineyards

Helena Mareque wedding dress

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