You too can be a
People bride
with an Alicia Rueda dress, and you know it.

Having a bride dressed by Alicia Rueda is a must for every wedding photographer. When the wedding dress is designed by Alicia Rueda we already have 50% of our work done. This is because knowing how to read so well the personality of each bride and capture it in her dress makes our job much easier because, through it, we can know a little more about the bride and make her wedding photos based on that. Do we agree or not, colleagues?

This is what happened to us with Jessica. She chose a
dress by Alicia Rueda with a beautiful pink cape
that gave her the perfect look for her winter wedding in San Sebastian (yes, in the north we also get married in winter). During his preparations at the Hotel María Cristina we took one of the most shared portraits in networks in our history.


It was this. Now do you understand why? We sum it up in what we base all our wedding photography on: because there is emotion. That makes us vibrate when we see it, we know because every bride that passes by our office and sees this big picture hanging on one of our walls, her eyes say: I WANT TOBE A BRIDE PEOPLE! Your eyes give you away, my dear.

And I don’t tell you anything if you see the beginning of their story so well told by Daniel with the best photos of this winter wedding in the Basque Country.



Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Dance slow, dream always, love much, be brave. It is one of the favorite phrases of the followers of Lucia Be so if you also want to be a Novia Be, engrave this lyrics 😉

Get it right when choosing an Alicia Rueda wedding dress for your winter wedding.

Tell me whether or not winter weddings

winter weddings

. Because, of course, here one is not objective. I also went

winter bride
and it seems to me that weddings celebrated in this season have something magical because, for us, the winter light is enveloping and that’s why we like so much to make wedding photos in Iceland 🙂

In addition to photos, this time we also made a wedding video. If you want to see it and let me know if you would also like to get married in this season and have a unique memory like this one. I know many of you are considering whether to hire video or not, so nothing like seeing what we do at People to have it clear. I DREAM OF SUCH A WEDDING VIDEO!

Still need more? I know that
have you noticed the
wedding photos in the snow
. And that’s what we all dream of at a winter wedding, isn’t it? You visualize yourself in an idyllic setting surrounded by snow on all sides and that’s what happened to Jessica. And, as sometimes dreams come true, we made their wishes our orders and we went to make their wedding reportage in Ezcaray (La Rioja). Obviously, it was not the same day of the wedding, but as we adapt to you here, we met another day and this was what we as
wedding photographers
we were able to capture.

Yes, yes, I understand. It happens to me too. Now we all want an Alicia Rueda wedding dress with that wonderful pink cape, a wedding photographer that tells your story in an extraordinary way and, while we’re at it, snow, lots of snow! Isn’t it? Well, let me tell you, it’s as easy as repeating that


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Alicia Rueda’s wedding dress that you will fall in love with for your winter wedding

Wear a cape and a feather headdress.

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