Here you have the best wedding photos of 2018, but if you allow me, first I want to tell you a story.

How these summaries have changed my life.

Last April 2018, Gloria and I were in the parking lot of the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris waiting for our rental car to be brought to us. We had to drive two hours west for a wedding we were really looking forward to because of the bucolic scenery.

During that wait, I received a call.

It was a work proposal. For one that had nothing to do with what I currently do. But for which I am prepared.

How would you like to have a job from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm, where you earn more than you do now, Monday through Friday, with a good chance that it will be “for life”? Keep in mind the factor that we are two self-employed, with two young children.

Only one condition: You cannot continue with your current activity. Either one or the other.

This was brought up to me in the airport parking lot of… I didn’t even know where I was anymore.

The first impulse was to reject it without hesitation. I love what I do, I enjoy the freedom to be able to do what I like, to not stand still, to explore things I never thought I could do, to meet people and enriching places. I can enjoy my children almost as much as I want and grow up with my wife.

But after a few minutes, the most fearful thoughts began to seep into my head, the ones that come with age and responsibility.

And what will happen in two, three, five, ten years…? And the children…? And the motivation…?

The two-hour drive from Paris to the wedding venue was silent. The afternoon was silent.

Not dinner. At dinner it all came out.

It’s not fair to debate that decision over dinner in a beautiful outdoor patio, in a small village in northwestern France, where crickets, the sound of wine bottles and conversations in such a musical language mingled with a delicious dinner on a spring evening… This job is not always like that. In reality, this is almost never the case. But if you have to meditate on such an important decision, it is better that circumstances help you to confirm your arguments.

All through dinner I couldn’t stop thinking about the last video I had edited a few months earlier with my favorite photos of 2017. I couldn’t stop thinking about him. What nonsensical nonsense. But I couldn’t get it out of my head.

When I thought about that job offer, I could see my children 15-20 years from now asking me , “Dad, why did you stop taking pictures and traveling and all that?” And I could see myself answering them, “Well, because I wanted to have a job that was a little more secure, so we could live better…”

I didn’t like myself at all in that image.

When you have a dilemma you usually know what decision you are going to make. It may take you more or less time to execute it, but something inside you tells you that the decision has already been made.

And for me it was taken.

These summaries have always made me very lazy to do them. I have deliberately procrastinated. Going back through thousands of photos once again with the only argument being that “everyone does it”.

And suddenly, they were at the center of such a momentous decision making.

I discovered that they are, in a way, part of my legacy. Something to be proud of. Something that I can look at a hundred times and feel happy and satisfied while thinking “I did that”.

This process of keeping the best is an almost vital exercise. I don’t want to sound “intense” but for me they are a reflection of what life is: you keep the best, with what has made you vibrate and you see in perspective that you have lived the way you believed: as a wonderful adventure.

I never doubted that this is what I want to do. At least, until I no longer want to.

Daniel Alonso

Best Wedding Photos of 2018

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The best wedding photos 2018

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