We are People

We are photographers, but above all we are people.
People laugh, people get excited, people get together and sometimes they meet. Some people even seemed destined to meet.

Deep down, that’s what weddings are about.
And we love it.
From person to person, we work so that all that magic is not lost.
On your wedding day, we want to be there, collecting it in images that tell your story.

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We are lights
crossing the screen

My passion for image was forged in a small room of a small cinema in a small city. It was my first job and my best school.
The big screen was not very big either, but it fit all the things that make life immense. There were heroes and friends, seducers and villains, and there were fictional people who, in the end, had many in common with real people.

Smiles, glances, kisses, loves that made light in a melt passed by there, and thousands of stitches in the chest that left you wanting more. I still have them.

In that room I learned the treasure that is sometimes hidden in the images
And above all, I learned that sometimes we can braid them with an invisible thread and turn them into stories that really matter.

Are we a couple.
O, well we were

Dani and I got married in 2013 and that changed everything.
It changed the way we live and work and also the way we understood weddings. We discovered that there was life beyond clichés and moth-smelling perches. That a wedding was a gift for any professional of the image wanting to soak up the human factor and capture emotions and personal ties.

We discovered that, with wedding photography, we were able to tell human stories as intense, alive and exciting as we see in a great movie. And that, in addition, we could understand like no other couples who were going through the same experience.

We understand the nerves, the emotions on the surface, the tears that cannot be hidden and the euphoria that breaks out with the people you love. And we relive it every time we show our daughter Celia the photos of our wedding.

We do more than just pretty photos:
we give your wedding a narrative drive to make it a true story

Your history


We are professionals,
photographers and storytellers.

We are passionate. We like to feel that chill that runs through you when you attend behind the camera to an instant that you know will only happen once.

We like to think that we can capture that moment and touch it with our eyes to give it to couples who trust us. To make it part of your life, forever.
We like to share. We like to learn with other professionals and teach them what we have learned. From you to you, enjoying the trade.

We like to believe that, with luck, the best things in life, those that are beautiful and enduring, can be told simply, with a little light and a few real people on the other side of the camera.

Would you like to be the next
couple people?

WE WANT TO KNOW your history



We tell your story. Wedding photography and video.
We share what we know

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