Maku & Mike – Hipster & Indie engagement


We present the couple session Maku and Miguel, a marriage of Zaragoza that soon make their third wedding anniversary and wanted to have a nice memory of these three years together.

There were wedding photographers Maku and Miguel, but we met through Bodas de cuento, you remember them? Yes, it was the wedding planner our wedding with whom we maintain a great friendship and we are doing a lot of stuff together.

These guys they wanted to celebrate their love with a engagement session, we believe that are ideal to see what changes we adopted over the years. Daniel and I have made a promise to us a session every year! We took a taste to be in front of the camera;) It seems a good investment for the future, we are of the bad times that we take refuge in the good memories, of which we sat on the couch with our parents, family and friends to view your albums, to laugh and mourn with them, come back to see our ancestors, who are no longer with us but who both learned and those who had such a good time, moments that were reflected because someone behind a camera and goodness! but today it would not have any of that, only the images in our memory.

In the process of paper the walls of our house with our wedding photos and our travels, we realize the value they have, they acquire a value as time passes, which we love. So full of hope that we have people who think like us and decide to hold a session given as Maku and Miguel, to preserve this stage of their lives.

We couple these photos of Zaragoza, where we spent a wonderful afternoon with cuentis, Maku and Miguel. Thanks a million guys! :))

A hug!

Gloria + Daniel

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