Spanish Elopement Indian Summer Wedding

As that seems to hold an outdoor wedding is booming, and it is very cool that we love to do this, today we bring you the wedding photos of Lucía and Jaime , a couple sealed their love in the fields of Zumaia (Basque Country). Who thought that the north is not a great place for backyard wedding ? It is great ! And the green color of the first days of October is … awesome ! Because yes, you read as well , this wedding was held in October (indian summer) and , against all odds, we had a lovely evening.

Organise an outdoor wedding is no easy task , therefore, Lucia and Jaime had the help of Jose and Wendy, Bodas de cuento , the wedding designer of so many times I have already spoken (love you , guys! ) . A Lucia is passionate about the world of image and also has his own design firm,  Paramenta Studio , where, besides many other things , create wedding invitations as mortis ! She designed the their wedding , we tell you when we teach their engagement photos , do you remember your family session ? It is very gratifying to us that more and more people who are dedicated to the world of image and design decide to hire us because it values ​​certain aspects that we consider very important in understanding how and why we shoot in a certain way , and we seems very difficult to make him see that people without visual background .

This couple wanted a country wedding, and what better place to celebrate the Basque Country. The bride and groom dressed in Landarte , quiet place , with a British touch that love us ( like the look british boyfriends ) and where Lucia and Jaime decided to do the first look ( when all the guests were going off to the ceremony , they were alone and were wedding dresses for the first time , it was a really exciting moment) the truth is that the frame you chose for their wedding was excellent , the setting was beautiful , right mountain ! to the left , the sea and right in the middle , a farm full of love , lots of love :)) the civil ceremony was held in a house just opposite field , a beautiful farm wedding in Euskadi , which took place after the cocktail style dinner they enjoyed all the guests based cheese buffets , candy , cakes …

And so it was this rural wedding , after a little resumiros this great day , we leave you with what best tells its story : the photos ! 🙂 )

Glo + Dani


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