When Sandra sent me an instruction sheet on how to get to her wedding in Son Rullán (Valldemossa, Mallorca) I initially thought, «It can not be so complicated.» GPS, Google Maps, Apple Maps, could also be the case of the head craze and ask someone in the area.

«You have to stop the car in a ditch, leave behind a wooden container, open an old orange gate and close it fast because there are animals inside the farm that you can escape.» With these concerns and detailed instructions they traveled along the idyllic roads of the coast of Majorca. I recognize it. He drove with the window lowered listening to several songs by Italian artists of the 60s and 70s who enjoyed the second season of «Master of none». Believing Aziz Ansari on the highways of Modena. Confident in the good work of my GPS. Error. I had to pull my words to understand with a good man, son of Great Britain in his retirement years, to find that place on the island.

And yes, I found it. I parked in the gutter leaving behind the wooden container, opened an old orange gate and closed fast to prevent any local fauna escaping causing chaos and stupor in the rest of drivers.

I am convinced that who first coined the expression «goat road» did so after that visit to the estate.

Find Son Rullan was as complicated as it was gratifying. The views of the most blue Mediterranean sea are mixed with those of the Tramontana and its populated slopes of olive trees.

It all sounds bucolic, I know. But it was. I do not try to brighten something ordinary. It really was that way. Warmth, silence and breeze. Mallorca.

Here’s the story of Sandra and Michael’s wedding.



Vestido de novia: WTOO by Watters (catherine gown)

Zapatos de novia: Topshop

Joyas: Anna Marguerite

Organization & Decoration: M-Moments Bodas

Peluquería y maquillaje: Marta Lula

Traje de novio: ASOS

Catering: Tot a Punt

Música: Deejaysgrup


Son Rullan Boda en Valldemossa

Mallorca Wedding

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