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Daniel & Gloria
Daniel & Gloria

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Why is it that this wedding is to think in Aviles and draw a smile on my face. And it is that working with Daniel as a wedding photographer in Asturias is a great illusion; first because it is a land to which I have a special affection and second because making a wedding video always motivates me a lot.

Step to tell the details of this couple who celebrated their civil wedding in the city of Aviles and then enjoyed their party at the Palace Hotel de la Magdalena Soto del Barco (Asturias) with stunning views of the Ria Nalon also tasted the cocktail wedding.


The look of the bride sure you attention and is that not every day is girls who decide to marry a wedding dress color. But Marina had it right; she designed her dress and trusted dressmaker made it happen. The truth is that it was perfectly with her skin so white, her freckles on his face and jewels … that necklace and those important outstanding for her … If something pointed us before the wedding was that «they are very important to my jewelry that I’m taking, belonged to my grandmother. » So, without taking prominence to the bride, supplements also played an important role in the wedding photos, especially in his portraits.

But hey, I leave the testimony that she gave me all the details you got for your wedding:

«The roll royce we chose for that day belonged to Grace Kelly! I told the florist the day before the wedding. What sorpresón! Then we asked the owner and told me that her parents live in Paris and had achieved at auction. We became quite excited because Nacho’s father was French and lived in Paris until her mother married. We Paris in tow … my dress embroidered lace, I had bought on a trip to Paris two years ago and was in love with that tela..aún was not with Nacho. He wore thinking of the perfect occasion for that material time, and end unexpectedly was my wedding day. I hope you do too you liked, was designed by me and made by hand by a wonderful dressmaker Aviles. It is also another tribute at the end to Nacho and especially for his father who is no longer «.

Certainly a history of those that come to you deep inside and remember with great affection. Here are the photos that summarize everything was for us this wedding in Asturias.


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